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Juicing Your Bookie with Big Red

Disclaimer:  I am a terrible gambler and don’t follow basketball enough to be knowledgeable about the games, so this time of year is usually rough on my wallet. Ride or Fade me, I don’t really care but do so at your own risk.

Straight Pick (Money Line):

-165 Oklahoma City (32-26)  @ Memphis Grizzlies (18-37)

Kind of seems like a no-brainer which is why I’m almost certain Memphis will win but OKC is the pick.

Straight Pick (Spread): Lock of the Night

+13 USF (8-18,1-12) @ UCF (15-9,6-6)

USF covered last time they were 13 point underdogs on the road so based purely on that information I’m making this the official Lock of the Night.


Over 5.5  Montreal Canadiens @ Colorado Avalanche

Montreal looks to play heart breaker again and are gonna snap the Avs’ ten game home wining streak. Even in their last two losses the Canadiens have been putting up goals, final score prediction 4-3 Montreal.


-265 Philadelphia 76’ers vs. Miami Heat

Over 201½ Same Game

I didn’t do any research on this pick just a an eye test.

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