SNHU Student almost failed by Profesor who refused to believe Australia was a Country

Huffington Post – 

Arnold said her assignment was to compare a social norm between the United States and another country. She chose Australia, and was “shocked” when she received a failing grade because her professor believed “Australia is a continent; not a country.”


In response to the grade, Arnold wrote her professor an email with references from the school’s library that stated that Australia was both a continent and a country.

The professor, however, wasn’t convinced. She replied that she would “gladly re-examine” her project, but stood firmly by her belief that Australia was not a countr

This story was laugh out loud funny, and I expect nothing less from a glorified diploma mill like SNHU. I’m sure U of Pheonix has a professor who thinks Alaska is part of Canada.

How about poor Ashley, tho. Everyone has dealt with hard-ass professors or bosses but having the professor tell you the equivalent of “the sky is purple” is an all-timer.


Author: Big Red

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