Wave pulls bro move, gives Sports Illustrated worker a face full of Kate Upton’s Boobs




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Mother Nature is a bitch with sympathy for no one, not even if your funbags have been spread across the SI Swimsuit edition 4 times. Those rocks look sharp too, but if our girl Kate can come back from those awkward naked bathroom pictures with Justin Verlander she can bounce back from anything.


I don’t understand why people get so hyped up over the SI Swimsuit Edition when internet porn exists and is FREE. No shot you catch me spending ten bucks on a magazine and I don’t even get to see some nip. Especially since that same ten dollar bill buys me a twelve-pack of beer and I get to keep cracking stick for free.


You are a fucking moron if you’re buying ANY magazine. Magazines are strictly for waiting rooms in 2018 and beyond.


Author: Big Red

Editor at The Lowest-Brow / Mets, Jets, Devils, Nittany Lions / Co-Host of The Lowest-Brow Podcast

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