Juicing Your Bookie with Big Red Vol. 2

Not a terrible night for your boy yesterday, winning the money line and parlay. Looking to pad my record tonight, and with a healthy slate of hockey and college hoops, there was a lot to choose from.

Straight Pick (Money Line): (1-0-0)

+160 Calgary Flames (29-20-8)  @ Nashville Predators (34-12-9)

Nashville is coming off a wild OT win against St. Louis but I don’s see the same energy being replicated tonight. Flames goaltender Mike Smith won’t be suiting up due to a lower-body injury but the high scoring Calgary offense should be able to compensate.

Straight Pick (Spread): (0-1-0)

-4 Cincinnati(23-2,12-0) @ Huston (19-5,9-3)

Cinci is looking to continue dominating the American conference and I don’t think Huston is strong enough to stop it.

Over/Under: (0-1-0)

Over 161½  Arizona Wildcats17 @ Arizona State25

I love betting overs on big rivalry games where I have no dog in the fight. Not because they win all the time, they don’t, but because it’s more fun to root for big plays and scoring. Nobody wants to watch a defensive basketball game.

Parlay: (1-0-0)

-1½ USA Men’s Hockey vs. Slovakia Men’s Hockey

Under 5½ Goals Same Game

Every true American should love Olympic hockey, no other event in the Winter Olympics can compete with the levels of patriotism and national pride carried by hockey.

Expect Team USA to bounce back against Slovakia after losing 3-2 to Slovenia. (I have no idea where these countries would be on a map, I’m a blogger not a scientist)


Author: Big Red

Editor at The Lowest-Brow / Mets, Jets, Devils, Nittany Lions / Co-Host of The Lowest-Brow Podcast

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