Lil Pump Arrested after Allegedly Shooting at would be Intruders Through Door

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Lil Pump was arrested Wednesday night at his home after he fired a gun, but the reason he discharged the weapon is in dispute … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement, Pump’s manager reported 3 men were jimmying the rapper’s front door, trying to get into his San Fernando Valley home around 4 PM, and the suspects fired a gun once through the door. The manager was not at the house, but was relaying info to cops after speaking to Pump….

…Cops say the trajectory of the bullet hole shows it came from inside the home. Police returned a few hours later with a search warrant … and found a handgun in the bushes below the balcony of Pump’s apartment. The weapon was unloaded, but cops found ammo for the gun in the apartment. Cops felt Pump, not an intruder, had fired the gun into the door, and arrested him for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.

As expected, Police also found an undisclosed amount (probably a lot) of drugs in the residence.

It amazes me that Lil Pump wasn’t already in prison on some very long list of drug charges. Hell, it’s a miracle he’s still alive at the ripe age of 17. As a society, we should feel ashamed for letting shit heads like this become famous. “Gucci Gang” had its time in the sun but it’s now long past the time to move on.

Really hoping a video of the police talking to Pump comes out, gotta be hilarious listening to his high ass come up with a bullshit story.


Author: Big Red

Editor at The Lowest-Brow / Mets, Jets, Devils, Nittany Lions / Co-Host of The Lowest-Brow Podcast

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