Forget regular jetskis, the Flyride is the future of aquatic liesure sports

It was 70 degrees in Pennsylvania today so I’ve had a Summer mindset all day. I can’t wait for warm weather to be back, I’m starting to get beach withdrawals, and all of a sudden this pops up on my timeline. I don’t want one of these tho, I NEED one of these. This thing is the closest humanity has come to inventing a commercial hovercraft and at only $6,000 it’s pretty reasonably priced.

The Flyride even has an automatic barrel-roll button




**Side Notes**

How about the balls on that little kid riding backwards and standing up


Never Forget



Author: Big Red

Editor at The Lowest-Brow / Mets, Jets, Devils, Nittany Lions / Co-Host of The Lowest-Brow Podcast

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