Lil Pump Arrested after Allegedly Shooting at would be Intruders Through Door

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Lil Pump was arrested Wednesday night at his home after he fired a gun, but the reason he discharged the weapon is in dispute … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement, Pump’s manager reported 3 men were jimmying the rapper’s front door, trying to get into his San Fernando Valley home around 4 PM, and the suspects fired a gun once through the door. The manager was not at the house, but was relaying info to cops after speaking to Pump….

…Cops say the trajectory of the bullet hole shows it came from inside the home. Police returned a few hours later with a search warrant … and found a handgun in the bushes below the balcony of Pump’s apartment. The weapon was unloaded, but cops found ammo for the gun in the apartment. Cops felt Pump, not an intruder, had fired the gun into the door, and arrested him for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.

As expected, Police also found an undisclosed amount (probably a lot) of drugs in the residence.

It amazes me that Lil Pump wasn’t already in prison on some very long list of drug charges. Hell, it’s a miracle he’s still alive at the ripe age of 17. As a society, we should feel ashamed for letting shit heads like this become famous. “Gucci Gang” had its time in the sun but it’s now long past the time to move on.

Really hoping a video of the police talking to Pump comes out, gotta be hilarious listening to his high ass come up with a bullshit story.

Top Breakfast Egg Dishes of All Time

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods on the planet, there are a million ways to prepare them by themselves and a billion more ways they’re used in recipes. Along with being cheap and high availability, it’s no wonder it’s America’s second favorite dish behind classic cereal.

Let’s Cook…

Honorable Mentions: French Toast 


I didn’t feel comfortable putting french toast in my ranking as it is a sweet dish, unlike the other egg dishes in my list, but felt it still deserve a shoutout.

8. Hard Boiled

hard boiled egg

Coming in last place: the hard-boiled egg. The most simple preparation of any dish on this list, boil some water and drop em’ in. Boiled eggs are boring and unless you make egg salad or dice them up and throw them in an actual salad; they’re trash.

7. Poached


Poached eggs are glorified hard-boiled eggs, just cooked outside the shell. And for that reason… I’m out.

6. Eggs Benedict


Now we’re on to the real competition. Eggs Benedict is a Sunday brunch staple and the most complex dish in my ranking. I don’t know what Hollandaise sauce is but it’s delicious. However, due to it’s complexity, it takes the most time to prepare and falls to #6 .

5. Scrambled


The Classic. Scrambled eggs are the go-to option for many as they begin their day. While some may say scrambled eggs are the gold standard, they are too basic compared to their relative the Omelette.

4. Fried

fried eggs

Fried eggs are far more polarizing than their scrambled counterpart. Some people love em, some can’t stand em. Personally, nothing beats over-easy fried eggs. Quick and easy to make, and you get to soak up the yolk with toast. Perfect.

3. Steak & Eggs

steak n eggs

Steak = Great, Fried Eggs = Also Great, Steak + Eggs = A #3 spot on my ranking.

2. Omelette


Whether it’s a Western, Spanish, Denver, or just Ham & Cheese; omelettes are pretty fantastic. One of the best parts about omelettes is getting to personalize it with whatever you want, allowing for unlimited possibilities.

1. ______, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich


The medal winner, the top-dog, the champion, the Meat Egg & Cheese Sandwich on a Bagel. Being from New Jersey, bagels are my religion and I refuse to eat shitty bagels made outside the  NJ/New York City area. My bagel of choice is an “Everything” but I respect other peoples individual choices. Your next choice is meat type: Bacon, Sausage, or Taylor Ham (If you call it pork roll, kindly walk in front of a bus). Whichever meat you pick, you’ve made a good choice and are in for a great breakfast.

Saquon Barkley Hype Video ALERT

This shit right here is my porn.

I love hype videos, doesn’t matter what it’s hyping up as long as it looks cool and has great music playing in the background. Gets my blood pumping.

THEN you throw in Saquon Barkley (A man I love so much it’s borderline gay) and I’m hooked. I’ve watched this on a loop a couple dozen times and will continue to watch it a couple dozen more.

Breaks my heart that he’s going to Cleveland


Warren Sapp got Served with a Lawsuit by Pretend Fan who wanted a Picture

TMZ Sports – 

The NFL Hall of Famer got SERVED with a lawsuit in his battery case by a process server PRETENDING TO BE A FAN … and executed the trick play to perfection!

As we previously reported, Sapp is being sued by a woman who claims Sapp drunkenly bowled her over at a 2015 Super Bowl party in Arizona. She claims she suffered major injuries as a result.

The woman’s attorneys had been trying to serve Sapp for more than a year but couldn’t quite track him down — they felt he was “actively avoiding the process server.”

Warren Sapp belongs in the “Running from your Problems” Hall of Fame. Avoiding a summons for over a year has to be fucking hard, can’t they find his address? Does QBK never sleep in the same bed twice?

Gotta suck to take a dirty hit like that, total cheap shot, never saw it coming.


SNHU Student almost failed by Profesor who refused to believe Australia was a Country

Huffington Post – 

Arnold said her assignment was to compare a social norm between the United States and another country. She chose Australia, and was “shocked” when she received a failing grade because her professor believed “Australia is a continent; not a country.”


In response to the grade, Arnold wrote her professor an email with references from the school’s library that stated that Australia was both a continent and a country.

The professor, however, wasn’t convinced. She replied that she would “gladly re-examine” her project, but stood firmly by her belief that Australia was not a countr

This story was laugh out loud funny, and I expect nothing less from a glorified diploma mill like SNHU. I’m sure U of Pheonix has a professor who thinks Alaska is part of Canada.

How about poor Ashley, tho. Everyone has dealt with hard-ass professors or bosses but having the professor tell you the equivalent of “the sky is purple” is an all-timer.

Wave pulls bro move, gives Sports Illustrated worker a face full of Kate Upton’s Boobs




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Mother Nature is a bitch with sympathy for no one, not even if your funbags have been spread across the SI Swimsuit edition 4 times. Those rocks look sharp too, but if our girl Kate can come back from those awkward naked bathroom pictures with Justin Verlander she can bounce back from anything.


I don’t understand why people get so hyped up over the SI Swimsuit Edition when internet porn exists and is FREE. No shot you catch me spending ten bucks on a magazine and I don’t even get to see some nip. Especially since that same ten dollar bill buys me a twelve-pack of beer and I get to keep cracking stick for free.


You are a fucking moron if you’re buying ANY magazine. Magazines are strictly for waiting rooms in 2018 and beyond.