Juicing Your Bookie with Big Red Vol. 4

LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Shoutout to anyone who decided to ride with me Friday night, you’re welcome. The Money line stays red-hot, the parlay remains profitable, and the over/under is warming up, but I still can’t pick a spread correctly if I had a gun to my head.

Straight Pick (Money Line): (3-0-0)

-160 Vegas Golden Knights (39-15-4)  vs. Anaheim Ducks (29-20-11)

With a win tonight Vegas breaks the record for most home wins by an expansion team (Passing the ’79 Hartford Whalers) so it’s a big night in Sin City. Tonight is also the conclusion of their four-game series with the Ducks who they beat in the first three meetings.

Straight Pick (Spread): (0-3-0)

+2 Maryland (18-11,7-9) vs. Northwestern (15-13,6-9)

REALLY need a win for the spread column tonight, this one is a coin toss of a game so I decided to fade the public.

Over/Under: (1-2-0)

Over 140  Miami Hurricanes  @ Notre Dame

Using the model again since it won me some money Friday night.

Parlay: (2-1-0)

Under 6 Ottawa Senators @ Nashville Predators

Under 5½ LA Kings @ Chicago Blackhawks

Both unders are favored at -120 and based on my eye test (I have great vision) I’d say it’s justified.


KFC forced to temporarily close nearly 900 of their UK and Ireland locations because they ran out of CHICKEN!

LONDON (AP) — Fast-food fans were in a flutter Monday after most of the 900 KFC outlets in the U.K. and Ireland were forced to close because of a shortage of chicken.

The company apologized to customers, blaming “teething problems” with its new delivery partner, DHL.

While shutting down 900 stores probably isn’t great for revenue, KFC actually got off pretty easy here. Had this problem occurred back here in the good ole’ USA there would be cities burned to the ground, widespread pandemonium in the streets, and death tolls rising by the minute.

American’s love their fried chicken, 35 million people go to KFC every month.

American’s also love an excuse to go riot…



Losing KFC would cause fury and devastation not seen on this earth since the Enola Gay gave Japan a special delivery. So next time you go out on your lunch break please remember all the good people out there keeping us safe.


Thank you for your service.



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Juicing Your Bookie with Big Red Vol. 3

Disappointing turn out last night, but the money line is staying hot as the Flames back up goaltender David Rittich was able to keep the Preds to 3 goals and secure the one-point victory. Huston upset Cincinnati despite not scoring for minutes at a time. Team USA Hockey pulled out the win but failed to cover against Slovakia sinking the parlay to a 1-1-0 record.

Straight Pick (Money Line): (2-0-0)

-140 Dallas Stars (33-20-4)  vs. St. Louis Blues (34-21-4)

With an opportunity to tie the third-place Blues at 72 points in the Central Division, expect Dallas to bring the noise and take advantage of being on home ice.

Straight Pick (Spread): (0-2-0)

-1½ Carolina Hurricanes (27-22-9) vs. NY Islanders (28-25-6)

The Isles have only won two out of seven games in the month of February and the Canes look to bounce back after dropping a game in New Jersey.

Over/Under: (0-2-0)

Over 144  Princeton @ Columbia

Took this pick from a model* I’ve been working on, and if it’s calculations are correct the score should be between 148 and 151.

* I threw some numbers in an excel spreadsheet and did simple math

Parlay: (1-1-0)

-145 Canisius Golden Griffins (18-9,12-2) @ Monmouth Hawks (9-17,5-9)

+100 Georgia Southern (16-10,7-6) vs. Georgia State (19-7,10-3)

Not really sure why these picks stood out to me, they just looked like winners. Canisius is a weird little school, they’re mediocre at best in most sports but the Griffins always tend to grab better’s interest.


Juicing Your Bookie with Big Red Vol. 2

Not a terrible night for your boy yesterday, winning the money line and parlay. Looking to pad my record tonight, and with a healthy slate of hockey and college hoops, there was a lot to choose from.

Straight Pick (Money Line): (1-0-0)

+160 Calgary Flames (29-20-8)  @ Nashville Predators (34-12-9)

Nashville is coming off a wild OT win against St. Louis but I don’s see the same energy being replicated tonight. Flames goaltender Mike Smith won’t be suiting up due to a lower-body injury but the high scoring Calgary offense should be able to compensate.

Straight Pick (Spread): (0-1-0)

-4 Cincinnati(23-2,12-0) @ Huston (19-5,9-3)

Cinci is looking to continue dominating the American conference and I don’t think Huston is strong enough to stop it.

Over/Under: (0-1-0)

Over 161½  Arizona Wildcats17 @ Arizona State25

I love betting overs on big rivalry games where I have no dog in the fight. Not because they win all the time, they don’t, but because it’s more fun to root for big plays and scoring. Nobody wants to watch a defensive basketball game.

Parlay: (1-0-0)

-1½ USA Men’s Hockey vs. Slovakia Men’s Hockey

Under 5½ Goals Same Game

Every true American should love Olympic hockey, no other event in the Winter Olympics can compete with the levels of patriotism and national pride carried by hockey.

Expect Team USA to bounce back against Slovakia after losing 3-2 to Slovenia. (I have no idea where these countries would be on a map, I’m a blogger not a scientist)

Saquon Barkley Hype Video ALERT

This shit right here is my porn.

I love hype videos, doesn’t matter what it’s hyping up as long as it looks cool and has great music playing in the background. Gets my blood pumping.

THEN you throw in Saquon Barkley (A man I love so much it’s borderline gay) and I’m hooked. I’ve watched this on a loop a couple dozen times and will continue to watch it a couple dozen more.

Breaks my heart that he’s going to Cleveland


Ben Simmons Vs Kyle Lowry: Who Ya Got?


Earlier this season in the NBA, Philadelphia point forward and All-Star snub Ben Simmons got into an altercation with Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry which resulted in a double ejection of both players from the contest. Although it never got physical, both players made it appear as if they were both down to meet in the tunnel and solve their differences via a good old fashioned rumble.

Even though Simmons and Lowry never escalated their beef past words, it got me thinking; Who would win in a fist fight?

Tale of the Tape:

Ben (I’m your Dad now) Simmons: Height- 6’10, Weight 238, Fighting out of- Melbourne, Australia

Kyle (No I’m not Demar) Lowry: Height-6’0, Weight 205, Fighting out of- The Mean Streets of Philly

I’m not gonna lie, I thought that Lowry was a Blood at first but then after a little research I remembered that he wasn’t. However, his teammate Demar Derozan has been know to rep the set. Now that that has been straightened out and we know that Lowry isn’t really bool like that, we can deduce that his street cred going into the fight is a little diminished. However, being that Lowry was born and raised in “Bird Land” we know that he most certainly has a chance in this fight.

Simmons, on the other hand, was born and raised in Australia. This means that when Kyle Lowry was watching The Fresh Prince and listening to Beanie Sigel, Simmons was in the bush sparring with roo’s. It’s even been said that Simmons has been seen training in the Dagobah System (Southern Australia) with the ghost of Steve Irwin. With his presumed knowledge of both wranglin croc’s coupled with a ten inch height advantage, this one is starting to look ugly.

Although this fight looks terrible on paper, you’ve got to respect Lowry as a vet in the league and for stepping up to the plate to challenge the towering Aussie. That being said I think Simmons wipes the court with Lowry 9 times out of 10.
What do you think? Comment below on who would win and why.

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