#KFCCrisis Update!

If you have not already read my original blog on the KFC chicken shortage, click HERE.

HAHAHAHAHA. People have now begun angrily calling police stations demanding that local KFC restaurants be reopened in the UK. Just as I predicted, you take away the people’s fried chicken and…



McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce is (alledgedly) coming back February 26th


Oh geez, Rick.

Die-hard fans of the Adult Swim show, Rick and Morty are salivating at the mouth as images leak online showing sauce cups and a memo describing an upcoming promotion for Szechuan Sauce.

While most fans are excited to get another taste of the very limitedly released sauce, others, this one guy in particular, have to be in a pit of regret…

Discontinued McDonald’s Sauce of Rick and Morty Fame Draws $15,000 Bid on eBay

… Discontinued no more. What a fucking asshole. Anyone who’s dumb enough to buy McNuggets sauce for 15k deserves to have their money taken away from them, don’t need people like that influencing the economy.  Paying a 3750% markup for a sauce is the millennial equivalent to sinking your savings into a bunker so you survive Y2K.


KFC forced to temporarily close nearly 900 of their UK and Ireland locations because they ran out of CHICKEN!

LONDON (AP) — Fast-food fans were in a flutter Monday after most of the 900 KFC outlets in the U.K. and Ireland were forced to close because of a shortage of chicken.

The company apologized to customers, blaming “teething problems” with its new delivery partner, DHL.

While shutting down 900 stores probably isn’t great for revenue, KFC actually got off pretty easy here. Had this problem occurred back here in the good ole’ USA there would be cities burned to the ground, widespread pandemonium in the streets, and death tolls rising by the minute.

American’s love their fried chicken, 35 million people go to KFC every month.

American’s also love an excuse to go riot…



Losing KFC would cause fury and devastation not seen on this earth since the Enola Gay gave Japan a special delivery. So next time you go out on your lunch break please remember all the good people out there keeping us safe.


Thank you for your service.



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Top Breakfast Egg Dishes of All Time

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods on the planet, there are a million ways to prepare them by themselves and a billion more ways they’re used in recipes. Along with being cheap and high availability, it’s no wonder it’s America’s second favorite dish behind classic cereal.

Let’s Cook…

Honorable Mentions: French Toast 


I didn’t feel comfortable putting french toast in my ranking as it is a sweet dish, unlike the other egg dishes in my list, but felt it still deserve a shoutout.

8. Hard Boiled

hard boiled egg

Coming in last place: the hard-boiled egg. The most simple preparation of any dish on this list, boil some water and drop em’ in. Boiled eggs are boring and unless you make egg salad or dice them up and throw them in an actual salad; they’re trash.

7. Poached


Poached eggs are glorified hard-boiled eggs, just cooked outside the shell. And for that reason… I’m out.

6. Eggs Benedict


Now we’re on to the real competition. Eggs Benedict is a Sunday brunch staple and the most complex dish in my ranking. I don’t know what Hollandaise sauce is but it’s delicious. However, due to it’s complexity, it takes the most time to prepare and falls to #6 .

5. Scrambled


The Classic. Scrambled eggs are the go-to option for many as they begin their day. While some may say scrambled eggs are the gold standard, they are too basic compared to their relative the Omelette.

4. Fried

fried eggs

Fried eggs are far more polarizing than their scrambled counterpart. Some people love em, some can’t stand em. Personally, nothing beats over-easy fried eggs. Quick and easy to make, and you get to soak up the yolk with toast. Perfect.

3. Steak & Eggs

steak n eggs

Steak = Great, Fried Eggs = Also Great, Steak + Eggs = A #3 spot on my ranking.

2. Omelette


Whether it’s a Western, Spanish, Denver, or just Ham & Cheese; omelettes are pretty fantastic. One of the best parts about omelettes is getting to personalize it with whatever you want, allowing for unlimited possibilities.

1. ______, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich


The medal winner, the top-dog, the champion, the Meat Egg & Cheese Sandwich on a Bagel. Being from New Jersey, bagels are my religion and I refuse to eat shitty bagels made outside the  NJ/New York City area. My bagel of choice is an “Everything” but I respect other peoples individual choices. Your next choice is meat type: Bacon, Sausage, or Taylor Ham (If you call it pork roll, kindly walk in front of a bus). Whichever meat you pick, you’ve made a good choice and are in for a great breakfast.