Toronto Firefighter found in California after disapearing on a ski trip… in New York

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WILMINGTON, N.Y. (AP) — Police on Wednesday were trying to piece together how a 49-year-old skier whose disappearance sparked a massive search on a snowy New York mountainside ended up six days later in California, confused and still in ski clothes.

Filippidis told deputies he remembered little, but thought he’d suffered a head injury, rode in a “big rig-style truck” and slept “a lot,”

Constantinos “Danny” Filippidis went missing on February 7th while on an annual skiing trip in upstate New York. SIX…six days later he showed up in Sacramento, California, the complete opposite side of the country, not remembering the vast majority of what transpired in that time.

Head injuries are scary stuff, I’ve had a handful of concussions from sports and one from skiing. Luckily for me, I woke up to ski patrol asking if I was ok instead of waking up over two thousand miles away.  Hopefully, Danny winds up okay and makes a full recovery.

On a lighter note, if you’re a fan of our work you probably like to booze, and you’ve probably come out of a blackout doing something embarrassing or in a location you probably shouldn’t be. Sometimes you wake up and laugh off your drunken decisions, other times you discover you texted the love of your life something so ridiculous it will haunt you for all eternity. If you play you pay. My junior year of high school I blacked out for the first time; it was Wiz Khalifa concert if that helps provide context. I don’t remember hearing a single song, the only brief memory I have is stumbling down the lawn of the concert venue with five lit cigs in my mouth. That was my first through my fifth cigarette ever.

SNHU Student almost failed by Profesor who refused to believe Australia was a Country

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Arnold said her assignment was to compare a social norm between the United States and another country. She chose Australia, and was “shocked” when she received a failing grade because her professor believed “Australia is a continent; not a country.”


In response to the grade, Arnold wrote her professor an email with references from the school’s library that stated that Australia was both a continent and a country.

The professor, however, wasn’t convinced. She replied that she would “gladly re-examine” her project, but stood firmly by her belief that Australia was not a countr

This story was laugh out loud funny, and I expect nothing less from a glorified diploma mill like SNHU. I’m sure U of Pheonix has a professor who thinks Alaska is part of Canada.

How about poor Ashley, tho. Everyone has dealt with hard-ass professors or bosses but having the professor tell you the equivalent of “the sky is purple” is an all-timer.

Devils beat Flyers 5-4 (SO) confirming that Philly is still trash

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The Devils are the only professional team I follow that has won a championship in my lifetime, so they hold a special place in my heart. While I was very skeptical about the Devils’ early-season dominance it was too entertaining not to pour your heart and soul into the games.

HOWEVER, the past few weeks have been hand-in-the-blender-painful to watch.

Regardless, sexy goal by Hallsy