KFC forced to temporarily close nearly 900 of their UK and Ireland locations because they ran out of CHICKEN!

LONDON (AP) — Fast-food fans were in a flutter Monday after most of the 900 KFC outlets in the U.K. and Ireland were forced to close because of a shortage of chicken.

The company apologized to customers, blaming “teething problems” with its new delivery partner, DHL.

While shutting down 900 stores probably isn’t great for revenue, KFC actually got off pretty easy here. Had this problem occurred back here in the good ole’ USA there would be cities burned to the ground, widespread pandemonium in the streets, and death tolls rising by the minute.

American’s love their fried chicken, 35 million people go to KFC every month.

American’s also love an excuse to go riot…



Losing KFC would cause fury and devastation not seen on this earth since the Enola Gay gave Japan a special delivery. So next time you go out on your lunch break please remember all the good people out there keeping us safe.


Thank you for your service.



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Devils beat Flyers 5-4 (SO) confirming that Philly is still trash

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The Devils are the only professional team I follow that has won a championship in my lifetime, so they hold a special place in my heart. While I was very skeptical about the Devils’ early-season dominance it was too entertaining not to pour your heart and soul into the games.

HOWEVER, the past few weeks have been hand-in-the-blender-painful to watch.

Regardless, sexy goal by Hallsy